Are you losing the motivation to exercise as the pandemic drags on? Gyms are re-opening, but unsure if it's safe to return? Don't know what exercises are right for you? Not sure if your forms are correct?
shapeXtone serves as a one-stop solution for all your health and fitness guidance related needs, offering LIVE fitness coach at a tap of a button.

Make Fitness Accessible

Home Fitness has taken a new role since the Covid-19 pandemic. Our purpose is to provide you with LIVE 1:1 personal training.


We aim to bring fitness coaches to you, virtually (via video call), using minimal or no equipment and available for you anywhere.

Our Coaches

Here is our certified trainer to help you in your fitness journey

Abhishek Chavan

Fat Loss
Build Muscle

Kamini Mehta


Govind Sakat

Fat Loss
Build Muscle


Fat Loss
Build Muscle

Ishita Jain

Fat Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Please guide me how to use this app and how to enroll?

Visit the coaches page to browse through the coach profile and select the coach which meets your goals. You have an one time option to enroll for a 2 day free trial with a coach. After your free trial ends, you can either continue with that coach or try another coach until you find a right coach for your needs.

After I enroll, what are the things I will require?

For home workout, it will be good to have some resistance weights like a bag with books, resistance bands, pair of dumbells (will be good not mandatory though). Kitchen scale, bathroom scale, measuring tape, whey protein, etc. should also be made available.

I am following my diet and also exercising regularly for one month. I do not see reduction in actual weight but see reduction in size (inches) of my waist, thighs etc. Am I on the right track?

You are doing absolutely fine. Size reduction means progress. Weight fluctuates due to numerous reasons.

How will I know which coach is best for me?

All the coaches on the app are good and capable with different specialities. Read their profile page and reach out to the coach with your specific needs and goals via email before enrolling. You can also enroll for a 2 day free trial with a specific coach.

What is the best source of vegetarian protein?

Whey protein, soya chunks, milk products like paneer and cheese, lentils, chick peas, kidney beans etc.

How many meals should I have per day?

Completing your targeted calories(& macros) is more important then no of meals. You can partition your protein in around 3-5 meals.